The Trimmer is a very useful Module which brings you few basic operations within the Virtual Mix Rack: a RMS and Peak Level Monitoring, a simple Trim control and a Phase Reverse Switch. 

When using it in the first slot, the Trimmer allows you to define how the signal will hit the following VMR module, with a precise output level monitoring.


The VU-Meter displays the RMS level of the signal at the Output of the module. 

The meter is calibrated to display 0VU when being fed by a 1kHz sine wave with a Peak level of -18dBFS by default. You can recalibrate this level by adjusting the screw below. 

The calibration is a global setting, affecting all Trimmer modules in your session.


The Led-Meter displays the Peak level of the signal at the Output of the module.

The level is in dB Full Scale and going from -72dBFS to 0dBFS.

Trim Knob

The Trim Knob is a simple gain control, going from -24dB to +24dB.

Phase Reverse Switch

The Phase Reverse Switch is very classical: in Mono and Stereo, it flips the signal’s polarity for all channels.


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