VMR 2.0 - FAQs

Will this update conflict with older sessions using Virtual Mix Rack? 

No. Your previous sessions will not be affected as this version will overwrite old versions of VMR. 

Why does the loading panel (blue circle) may appear when opening the VMR user interface?

Before VMR 2.0, VMR loaded all Modules when loading a non-empty VMR Default (= Modules inserted by default). This led to consequent loading times whereas some Modules were not necessary to load.

To optimize this behavior, we now load the necessary Modules only, i.e. the ones saved in the VMR Default, and then the other modules when opening the VMR user interface.

Why may I see the loading panel (blue circle) a second time?

To optimize the temporary memory (also known as memory RAM), some DAWs unload the plugin when this one is completely removed from the session (i.e. no more inserts of the plugin in the session).

This is a smart optimization, but in this case, if you re-insert a new VMR you will see the loading panel re-appears because it acts as "the first VMR loading".

When should I use Oversampling?

Our algorithms are designed to sound the same at 96kHz and at lower sample rates, so we are able to achieve the desired tone without having to use Oversampling, which is CPU intensive and adds latency.

However, with some distortion Modules such as Virtual Tube Collection, Oversampling could improve the sound at lower sample rates (44.1 and 48kHz).

Therefore, if you are using VMR at low sample rates and are saturating things into distortion, the Oversampling can help. If you are not doing that, Oversampling won't be necessary.

Why my Module is OFF when inserting it?

If the Module is OFF when inserting it, it means that the Slot was OFF.

In VMR 1.0, there was an auto-ON when inserting a Module. This implementation leads to an inconsistent scenario if you drag out an OFF Module outside the Rack, like if you want to remove it, but do not remove it. In this case, the Module is (automatically) set to ON instead of OFF.

In VMR 2.0, the Module state (ON or OFF) follows the Slot state. It is more consistent and does not raise issues, excepting questions like this one!


Why there are no licenses for Revival, Trimmer or the Monster?

These three modules are free and they only require the free VMR Rack license to work.

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