How To Rescan Slate Digital Plugins In Digital Performer

Open Digital Performer and open "Preferences" under the Digital Performer drop down menu. Select "Audio Plugins" under General. Select the plugins that have been unexamined or that have failed validation and click "reexamine". 

Note: You can select multiple plugins in the list at a time by holding the "Command" (⌘) key and clicking. 

Additional Troubleshooting:

1) Please ensure the iLok License Manager is up-to-date on your system. 
2) Please ensure your iLok dongle is plugged in securely
3) Please ensure the plugin(s) have been installed on your computer

Note: There is currently a compatibility issue with Digital Performer 9 on Windows. (4-18-17)

If you would like to rescan all of your plugins upon launching Digital Performer 9, please view the following video in order to delete the VST and AU Cache File:

Navigate to ~/Library/Preferences/com.motu.MotuAudioSystem and delete the AU and VST Cache files. Next, open Digital Performer. On launch, Digital Performer 9 will re-scan all plugins. 

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