Can't Find Plugins In DAW?

If you are having trouble finding some of the plugins in your DAW, keep in mind the All Access Pass contains some third party plugins under various manufacturer names.

Plugin manufacturer names included in the All Access Pass are as follows:

- LiquidSonics
- KiloHearts
- Sonic Academy
- Slate Digital
- Eiosis
- Overloud
- D16 Group

Please view the following listed plug-ins for clarification:

Virtual Mix Rack 


Includes the following: FG-S, FG-N, FG-116, FG-401, FG-76, FG-73, CS-EQ, CS-Lift, FG-Bomber, Revival, Trimmer, Virtual Channel, Virtual Mixbuss, FG-116 Blue Bundle, Eiosis Air & Earth modules, Monster, Hollywood, New York, London, FG-Stress, U73b, FG-A, FG-2A, and more...

NOTE: Found in your plugins list under "Slate Digital"

Virtual Buss Compressors


Includes the following: FG-Grey, FG-Red, FG-MU, FG-Rack

NOTE: Found in your plugins list under "Slate Digital"




NOTE: Found in your plugins list under "Eiosis"



NOTE: Found in your plugins list under "Eiosis"

Virtual Tape Machine


NOTE: Found in your plugins list under "Slate Digital"

FG-X Mastering Console


NOTE: Found in your plugins list under "Slate Digital". This plugin has now been replaced by FG-X 2.

Verbsuite Classics


Contains the following reverb units: FG-480, FG-2016, FG-250, FG-QRS, FG-2000, FG-6000, FG-BM7, FG-224XL, FG-224, FG-3500, FG-3000

VerbSuite Classics is configured to only work in stereo. Therefore, it will not show in your plugins menu when on a mono track.

NOTE: VerbSuite Classics can be found in your plugins list under "Slate Digital". FG-224XL, FG-224, FG-3000, FG-3500, and FG-BM7 are expansions. 



A dual delay powerhouse that features 23 unique authentically modeled delay units ranging from classic oil cans and plates to the most famous vintage digital designs. View more info here

NOTE: Found in your plugins list under D16 Group.

Overloud TH-U


TH-U is not just an amplifier replacement. It is a creative tool which allows you to craft your personal tone and explore the boundaries of your instrument.
Found in your plugins list under manufacturer name Overloud

Lustrous Plates
Lustrous Plates is an easy to use and flexible reverb featuring: Ten unique plate models created with TASM. Faithfully reproduced frequency dispersion and damping. Modulated and fully decorrelated true stereo reverb design.
Found in your plug-ins list under the manufacturer name LiquidSonics

Additional Troubleshooting

If the plugins do not show in your plugins list, please ensure you have the latest plugin versions installed and view the following articles:

Please ensure you are using the latest iLok License Manager version. You can view the minimum and recommended system requirements here

In addition, please view: 


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