Virtual Tape Machines

Q: Are there any presets in Virtual Tape Machines?

There are no presets for VTM at this time, as settings rely solely on source material. We encourage you to make your own presets at this time if you find settings that work best for you and you'd like to recall them easily.

Q: Why am I experiencing latency when using the Virtual Tape Machines? 

Please view the following here.

Q: What is the difference between the FG456 and FG9 tape settings?

456 was introduced in 1975 as a “high output” tape formula that was needed since new tape decks at the time were able to handle higher headroom signals in their electronics. 456 is known as a “+6” tape, which means it’s +6dB over the 185 nWb/m standard... which means you have an additional 6dB of headroom before tape saturation occurs.

GP9 is a more modern tape that has an even thicker layer of oxide and is known as a “+9” tape (570 nWb/m). GP9 became very popular because you could record at hotter levels and not have the same introduction of saturation and distortion.

Q: What two Tape Machines was VTM modeled after?

A827 and A80 RC

Q: I can’t find VTM in my plugin list.

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Q: I have VTM installed on my system, but I do not see it in my DAW? 

If the plugin license has successfully been activated to your iLok dongle, you likely need to rescan the plugins within your DAW. Please view the following articles:

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