iLok Cloud Managed Mode vs Automatic Mode

In newer versions of the iLok License Manager, iLok Cloud sessions can either be in Managed Mode or Automatic Mode. By default, iLok Cloud sessions are set to Automatic Mode.

Automatic Mode
: Automatically activates all cloud-enabled licenses when a cloud session is opened.
Managed Mode: The iLok Cloud is managed as a physical location. Activations can be deactivated individually


To switch your iLok Cloud session to and from Automatic and Managed mode, click the Show Details option when your iLok Cloud session is opened:


This is important to understand if you just purchased an All Access Pass or redeemed Fresh Air because this determines how your license will be activated.


Automatic Mode Activation

If your iLok Cloud is in Automatic Mode, your newly purchased All Access Pass or redeemed Fresh Air license will automatically activate to your iLok Cloud session. Note that if your iLok Cloud session is opened on another machine, you'll need to reopen you iLok Cloud session on your current machine (File->Open Your Cloud Session).


Managed Mode Activation

If your iLok Cloud session is in Managed Mode, and you wish to activate your All Access Pass, Fresh Air or microphone emulations licenses via iLok Cloud, you'll need to manually activate the license from the Available tab of the iLok License Manager. You can either drag and drop the license from the Available tab, or right click the license and click Activate to select your iLok Cloud session as the activation location.


If you don't see any locations in the activation prompt, either the license is already activated and has no activations left, you need to open your iLok Cloud session (File->Open Your Cloud Session) or you need to update your iLok License Manager to the latest version.


Note: Only All Access Pass, Fresh Air and microphone emulation licenses can be activated via iLok Cloud. All perpetual licenses must be activated to a physical iLok 2 or 3 dongle. No Slate Digital license can be activated directly to your computer (Machine ID).

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