Virtual Mix Rack

General Questions

Q: What modules come with the purchase of the Virtual Mix Rack at

The purchase of the Virtual Mix Rack includes a "Mix Bundle One" License which contains FG-S, FG-N, FG-116, and FG-401. Revival, Trimmer, and Monster are provided for free with the Virtual Mix Rack License. 

Q: Where can I download the free modules (Trimmer, Revival, & Monster) for the Virtual Mix Rack?

Simply download the latest VMR version located here, and input the FREE VMR iLok code when prompted for activation: 3421-6517-6133-2258-4460-9236-2618-88

NOTE: Keep in mind, an iLok 2 or 3 USB dongle is required in order to activate the plugin license. 

Q: Where can I learn about each VMR Module? 

Please view VMR Modules Knowledge Base

Installation & Setup

Q: How do I install the Virtual Mix Rack on my system? 

Please view: 

How To Install The Virtual Mix Rack on Mac OSX

How To Install The Virtual Mix Rack on Windows 

Q: I have the VMR installed on my system, but I do not see it in my DAW? 

If the plugin license has successfully been activated to your iLok dongle, you likely need to rescan the plugins within your DAW. Please view the following articles:

NOTE: Windows users will need to add the default VST plugin path to their DAW: 

32bit users will need to add C:\Program Files (x86)\Vstplugins
64bit users will need to add C:\Program Files\Vstplugins

 Q: How do I remove the modules from the Virtual Mix Rack that I do not own? 

When installing the Virtual Mix Rack on your system, you can hit the "customize" button in order to exclude the modules you do not own from the installation. Please view: VMR Custom Install

If the modules are already installed on your system, please view: How To Remove VMR Modules

NOTE: Modules that are not licensed will display a red x. 


Q: I'm on Windows 7 and I'm getting a "Import DLL MSVCP140.dll cannot be loaded" error. What do I do?

Please refer to the steps in the following article: MSVCP140.dll Cannot Be Loaded

Q: I'm getting a Version Mismatch Error after installing a Virtual Mix Rack update. What should I do?

A version mismatch occurs when modules are not updated after a VMR Installation. 

This issue typically happens when choosing to "Customize" the installation. All Licensed VMR modules need to be updated to avoid a version mismatch. Please run the latest VMR version within your Slate User Account. All Access Pass users can access the installers here: All Access Pass Installers

Q: How do I uninstall the VMR from my system?

Please view the following:

How To Uninstall VMR on Mac OSX

How To Uninstall VMR on Windows

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