Legacy Plugin Installers

Legacy Installers

IMPORTANT: Only download these installers if you are on an older system utilizing the RTAS (Pro Tools 10 or lower) plugin format or are running an older OS such as Snow Leopard 10.6.8. If you just need 32 bit installers, they're included in this article. We cannot guarantee full support for any Legacy versions. 

Virtual Mix Rack

VMR Mac Legacy
VMR Win Legacy

NOTE: The VMR modules that are currently available in the RTAS format include: CS-EQ, CS-Lift, FG-116 (Black), FG-401, FG-N, FG-S, Revival, Trimmer, VCC Channel, VCC Mixbuss

Virtual Tape Machine

VTM Mac Legacy
VTM Win Legacy

Virtual Buss Compressors

VBC Mac Legacy
VBC Win Legacy

FG-X Mastering Console

*FGX 1.3.2 Mac Legacy
*FGX 1.3.2 Win Legacy

*NOTE: FG-X 1.3.2 requires a Legacy iLok License. Please contact support here in order to request a Legacy License.

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