Assertion Error

I'm receiving an Assertion error when launching Pro Tools.


To get your system up and running, you will need to follow the steps below, which are common solutions for Assertion errors.

Please change your Playback Engine. This can be done from the Setup menu > Playback Engine.

If you cannot open Pro Tools due to the Assertion error popup, you will need to hold the N key on your keyboard while Pro Tools is starting up. This will force the Playback Engine dialogue to open before Pro Tools initializes. You can then select a different playback device.

If issues persist, please try the following:

Trash your Pro Tools preferences - Please see the this article.

Create a new session. If the Assertion error disappears, this may mean your last session was corrupted. You will then need to import the tracks, and session data from the old session, into the new one.

If you still experience issues after following the above instructions, please contact support here.

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