How to Connect Your Active Monitors to the VRS8

This article is intended to assist in understanding how to connect studio monitors as the main outputs on the VRS8


IMPORTANT: The cables that are required are either a balanced 1/4" to 1/4" or balanced 1/4" to XLR MALE.  UNBALANCED CABLES SHOULD NOT BE USED ON THE VRS8 OUTPUTS!


- Connect the cables mentioned above and insert one end of the left side cable into output 1 and the other end will connect to the left monitor input.

- Repeat this process for the monitor on the right, but with "Line Out 2".

Note: Some speakers have both XLR and 1/4" connections.  We recommend using 1/4" for this situation

Additionally, some pairs of monitors have both balanced 1/4" inputs on the Left side.  Connect both Line Out 1-2 cables to the Left side and plug them into L and R accordingly.


Note: For all studio monitor connections, a balanced 1/4" will always connect to the back side of the VRS8 to "Line Out 1-2", but depending on the input of your monitors, you will either use 1/4" or XLR for the speaker input.

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