Using Slate Digital Plug-ins in Adobe Audition

Please note, this DAW is not officially supported at this time. You can view a list of officially supported DAWs and Operating Systems here: Supported Digital Audio Workstations

Adobe Audition supports VST3 and VST plug-ins on both platforms and Audio Units plug-ins on macOS. To get started, open the "Audio Plug-In Manager"


To access third party effects, the plug-ins must be scanned, click Scan for Plug-in button to scan all the system audio plug-in folders. To optimize the menus in the application, use the check boxes next to the effect name to enable and disable them in the application.


NOTE: If your VSTs are installed to a custom file path, please add it in the VST Plug-In Folders section. On Windows, Slate Digital VST plugins are installed to "C:\Program Files\Vstplugins" by default. 


  • Audition will automatically enable all valid effects. To hide an effect from the Audition effects list, uncheck the Enable checkbox.  If a plug-in is listed as 'Not Working', click Reload to rescan. Select the plug-ins you want to access in Adobe Audition, and click OK.

    Plugins may show up in various categories. Please see below: 




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